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This amount is typically linked to the value of an outstanding mortgage plus any other loans or credit cards. For extra protection, some people add the equivalent of a death-in-service employment benefit, which is usually 3 times your salary. For the average applicant in good health, as a rule of thumb, £10 per month buys £100,000 worth of cover.

The duration of the policy is usually linked to the time left to pay off a mortgage, or the expected date of retirement, whichever is further away. The longer the term, the higher the risk that the policy will pay out and the higher the premium, but the more peace of mind.

Decreasing Cover is directly linked to a repayment mortgage where the value of the cover deceases in line with the outstanding mortgage.

Level Cover is where the amount of the sum insured remains level through the term of the policy, and it is usually linked with an Interest-Only mortgage.

Increasing or Indexed Cover is where the amount of the sum insured increases though the term of the policy in line with inflation, and this is often the preferred recommendation of most advisers.

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