British Life Privacy Policy

BritishLife is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. This Policy explains what information we collect and why; how we use it; how you can instruct us if you prefer to limit the use of that information; and procedures that we have in place to safeguard your privacy.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, since as soon as you start using our website, you will be regarded as having read and accepted this Privacy Policy. You must not use our website if you do not accept this Privacy Policy.

You can ask for any details regarding our collection, storage or use of your personal information or if you need to raise a complaint, you can contact the Data Protection Officer using the information below.

Data Protection Officer
British Life Ltd
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How we collect information about you...

We collect your information when you interact with us through this website. This could be either using our enquiry form to ask us a question, or by requesting a quote for an insurance product using one of our forms.

What identifiable information we collect and why...

When using our enquiry form

We need this to enable us to respond to your enquiry and will use your information solely for this purpose.

When requesting an insurance quote

This information is used along with the non-identifiable information (type of cover, cover amount, cover term and smoker status) to find the best quote for your circumstances.

We ask for a telephone number and email address so that one of our carefully selected partners can contact you to provide and discuss your quotation request. We have found that over 95% of people buying life insurance or critical illness cover for example, still need to speak to a qualified adviser to get the right policy for them.

Your IP address is stored to prevent duplicate submissions.

Information provided on another person...

For a joint application, you will need to provide some information about the second applicant on your policy. By doing so, you confirm that you have the consent of the second individual to provide us with this information and for their information to be used in this manner and that you have made them aware of this privacy policy.

Passing on information about you...

Please be aware that once you have provided us with information about you in order to obtain a quote, you will be regarded as having given your consent to us disclosing your personal information to a third party that we have carefully selected solely for the purposes of obtaining a quotation for you / comparing different products and services as requested by you.

In the first instance, the third party will be LifeSearch Ltd (privacy policy). However, if LifeSearch Ltd already have your details on record, your information will be sent to one of either BQI Group (privacy policy) or My Protection Guru Ltd (privacy policy).

We will notify you by email if LifeSearch Ltd already have your information on record and keep you updated with the new provider’s name and information.

The telephone number you enter is sent securely to Data-8 (privacy policy) for validation as a genuine telephone number.

Any transfer of data for this purpose is carried out using end to end ssl encryption to protect your privacy.

Storing your information...

Your information is securely stored with Rackspace (the data processor) and is located in England. All access to this data is restricted to access from a single IP address to prevent unauthorised access.

Retaining your personal information

Identifiable data will be stored in our secure database for the reconciliation period of sixty (60) days before all identifiable data contained in your record will be destroyed.

Overseas transfer of data...

From time to time it may be necessary for us to undertake some of the processing of your personal data in other countries outside of the European Economic Area where data protection safeguards are not as high as they are in the UK. However, where this is necessary we will ensure that your data is kept securely and only processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act. It is also possible that some of our product and service providers will process your data in other countries, however we require all our partners to ensure that your data is kept securely at all times.


The internet is not a secure medium, however we have put in place various security procedures as set out in this policy. Firewalls are used to block unauthorised traffic to the servers and the actual servers are located in a secure location which can only be accessed by authorised personnel.


We may use cookies and/or pixel tags on some pages of our website. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer's hard drive by your web browser. They allow us to understand what areas of the website are of interest to our visitors, allow us to provide a better user experience, track unique visitors to our websites as well as seeing where our visitors have found our website.

These cookies do not track individual user information, and all our cookie data is encrypted and cannot be read by other websites. It is possible to 'turn off' the cookies in your browser and this will not affect the functionality of the web site. You can find out more information about cookies including how to switch cookies on or off i.e. accept or refuse cookies from

The cookies and pixel tags information is then channelled through various 3rd party web applications. Examples of the software uses are;

Google Analytics; to help us monitor website traffic and view page-by-page behaviour. It also allows us to understand which browser type, or operating system visitors are using as well as which referring sites traffic has come from.

Hotjar; software which anonymously records site browsing behaviour such as mouse clicks, heatmaps and session recordings - which enables us to spot trends in website usage and improve specific web page performance from the insights gained.

We may choose to follow up with ‘remarketing’ activity; banner and text adverts placed automatically on 3rd party websites and on social media. These are controlled through services such as Google AdWords, or Facebook Business Manager.

You have the right to disable cookies on your browser and install 3rd party plug-ins to prevent behavioural ad targeting. Links below are provided for your reference.

The internet industry body, the Internet Advertising Bureau, has created a website which provides detailed information and advice on cookies and pixel tags

For more on behavioural advertising visit -

Another source about how to delete and control cookies is

At any stage, you can always contact us at for any more information or help.

Your Rights...

You have the right to request any identifiable information you have given us, to have it deleted or amended and to stop us progressing any further with the quotation process, however doing so may prevent us from being able to provide you with an accurate quote.

To make any of these requests, please contact the Data Protection Officer using the details in the introduction above.

This policy is effective as of August 2020