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Welcome to the British Life Protection Club

A Life Insurance referral scheme that provides extra income for very little effort

  • Simple Online Referral Process
  • Access to a Trusted UK-based Protection Broker
  • No Commercial Conflict
  • Attractive Commission including Upfront Referral Fees
  • No Clawbacks
  • Online Reporting & Payment Record
  • Do the right thing - protect yourself and your clients

The Process

So how does it all work? Well, it really couldn’t be much easier than this: all you need to do is to advise your client that they should consider protection insurance, and suggest that you could refer them through to a protection specialist who could walk them through the process and the options available.

If the client then agrees for their details to be referred on, once registered with the British Life Protection Club you would simply logon to the website and input some very basic details about your client’s requirements and their contact information and then click submit.

On receipt of the details, LifeSearch would then make contact with your client by telephone, giving a clear reason for the call.

As a very experienced telephone-based protection broker, working with the likes of Compare the Market and MoneySupermarket, LifeSearch are very effective in getting hold of clients, and their advice-based approach ensures higher conversion rates and fewer cancellations or clawbacks.

Once one of your clients takes out a protection policy and goes “on risk”, then LifeSearch will pay commissions due to British Life, and we will then forward those commissions on to you via a BACS payment. British Life takes a management fee from LifeSearch for managing the whole process.

How It Works

Simple Online Referral Process

When referring a client, you simply logon to your British Life Protection Club account and complete a simple 1-minute form for each client.

Access to a Trusted UK-based Protection Broker

We have extended our long-term partnership with award-winning specialist protection broker LifeSearch to develop the British Life Protection Club. A dedicated team of advisers will contact your clients and discuss only their protection requirements.

No Clawbacks

One special element to the British Life Protection Club is that we don’t operate a clawback policy, so there will be no annoying deductions if a policy is cancelled early. (However, we will be monitoring the performance of the portfolio of clients from each of our members very closely, and any adverse results will be addressed and membership revoked if necessary).

Attractive Commission including Advance Referral Fees

Members of the British Life Protection Club will receive 25% of the commission for each of their client’s policies that go on risk. After the account is set-up, you will be eligible for a £20 advance fee for each referral from the date of the first referral for up to 90 days. These advance fees will then be deducted from the commission generated from the referrals, thereby helping to provide a more steady flow of income as the portfolio of referrals increases.


Members of the Protection Club earn between £7,500 and £15,000 per annum in commissions from the Protection Club. This range is based on a combination of factors, including client demographics, referrals per year, average case size and how effectively the clients are introduced to the referral process.

Online Reporting & Payment Record

The online reporting interface available through Protection Club confirms whether referrals have been passed through successfully to LifeSearch, whether a client has gone on risk, and what commissions are due, and whether those commissions have been paid.

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