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1 Policy Requirements

1 Policy Requirements

Monthly Income Required...

Typically you can insure up to 70% of your gross income, whether an employee or self-employed, and at this level you should be able to maintain your current lifestyle. The monthly pay-outs if you make a claim are tax free.

Deferred Period

This is the period of time you have to be out of work before any claim will be paid. The greater the deferred period, the more your monthly insurance premiums will reduce.

How long do you want the payout from a claim to last?

How long do you want the payout from a claim to last?

The longer the period you want to be covered, the higher the monthly premiums will be, but the more benefit you will receive. The average claim period in the UK is 5 years 8 months with some illnesses or injuries short term, others affecting people for a lifetime.

2 Health & LifeStyle

2 Health & LifeStyle
What is your date of birth?
Have you smoked or used a tobacco/nicotine product in the past 12 months?
Do you have (or have you ever had) any form of cancer, heart condition, diabetes or stroke?
Are you currently awaiting results of any health tests or investigations?
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3 Personal Details

3 Personal Details
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