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1 Your Policy Requirements

Unless you are only looking to protect outstanding loans like a mortgage and nothing else, there is no exact figure for how much Life Insurance cover you should have as it’s a balance between what you can afford and what gives you peace of mind.

If you are unsure, £100,000 is a good starting point, and then when you get the quotation, you can increase or reduce the amount depending on your budget

It’s possible to have different amounts of cover for each type of insurance to suit your budget, especially as Critical Illness Cover is 4-5 times more expensive than Life Insurance because the chances of a claim are 4-5 times greater.

Again, if you are unsure, start with £100,000, and you can change amounts according to your budget.

The duration of the policy is usually linked to the time left to pay off your mortgage, or when your children become financially independent, or your expected date of retirement.

Most insurers now allow for a 40-year term, but the risks of a claim increase significantly after retirement age, and the cost of the premiums will reflect this from the start of the policy.

Decreasing Cover is directly linked to a repayment mortgage where the value of the cover deceases in line with the outstanding mortgage.

Level Cover is where the amount of the sum insured remains level through the term of the policy, and it is usually linked with an Interest-Only mortgage.

Increasing or Indexed Cover is where the amount of the sum insured increases though the term of the policy in line with inflation, and this is often the preferred recommendation of most advisers.

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