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1. Life Insurance with Guaranteed Acceptance & No Medical *

Logo This is often called a Funeral Plan and offers guaranteed acceptance with no medical examination required. However, the maximum amount of cover is limited to £25,000. *(As seen on TV).

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2. Life Insurance (Fixed Term)

Logo This is the most popular type of life insurance policy in the UK. You have to disclose any health problems and you are likely to require a GP report or medical, but there is no restriction on how much you can be insured for, though the term is typically limited to 80 years of age. Any claim is paid as a one-off tax-free lump sum.

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3. Whole-of-Life Assurance for a Guaranteed Payout

Logo This policy is guaranteed to pay out at whatever age you die provided the premiums continue to be paid. You will have to disclose any health problems and could require a GP report or medical. Unlike advertised 'over 50’s' policies, you can insure yourself for any amount.

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Promoted Premiums for 35 year old male (non-smoker) April 2020*

Life Insurance:
£5/month = £50,840 sum insured

Critical Illness Cover:
£10/month = £22,460 sum insured

Combined Life & Critical Illness Cover:
£10/month = £18,376 sum insured

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How much does Life Insurance cost?

The cost of your monthly premiums will depend on your age, health, lifestyle, occupation, whether you smoke, the amount of cover you take out and the length of the fixed term.

* A majority of customers who went on to purchase achieved a quote based on the figures above for level term, life-only (without critical illness cover) single person policies. BritishLife data May 2019 to April 2020.

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Life Insurance *

Age Avg premium
18-24 £10.80 /month
25-34 £12.46 /month
35-44 £21.47 /month
45-54 £27.12 /month
55-64 £35.68 /month
65+ £53.72 /month

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BritishLife is a small family-run business looking to do big things - like get more British families protected financially should the worst things happen.

We offer our customers access to some of the very best quotes, guidance and advice on protection insurance through a number of carefully selected partnerships with some of the best specialist firms in the UK.

They provide competitive rates from a wide range of insurers but critically they understand the importance of value over simply price - getting the right advice can save you a lot of money.

We also understand that taking out Life Insurance is not the most exciting of things you can do, which is why we have tried to lighten your experience with our use of duck imagery. Come on board and have some fun!

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