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What type of cover are you looking for?

1. Life Insurance with Guaranteed Acceptance & No Medical *

This is often called a Funeral Plan and offers guaranteed acceptance with no medical examination. However, the maximum amount of cover is limited to £25,000. *(As seen on TV). More info

This specialist type of life insurance is attractive to people with existing health conditions who cannot get approval for a standard life insurance policy.

Premiums are paid monthly and the cover will cease if the premiums are stopped. Insurers will also often only pay back the premiums paid instead of the sum insured if the policyholder dies within two years of taking out the policy.

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2. Life Insurance (Fixed Term)

This is the most popular type of life insurance policy in the UK. You have to disclose any health problems and you are likely to require a GP report or medical, but there is no restriction on how much you can be insured for, though the term is typically limited to 80 years of age. Any claim is paid as a one-off tax-free lump-sum. More info

Premiums are paid monthly and the cover is set for a fixed period of time, often for the length of a mortgage or up to the age of retirement. The amount of life insurance cover varies according to how much you can afford and how much cover you think you need to pay off debts and provide day to day income.

The cost of the insurance is affected by various factors including the sum to be insured, existing health conditions, lifestyle issues like smoking and high BMI, age, occupation and any regular dangerous pursuits.

Insurers historically pay 99% of all life insurance claims - when they don’t pay out, it is usually because the policyholder was not truthful on their initial application about an existing health condition or a regular dangerous pursuit which led to their death. All insurers cover Covid-19 Coronavirus.

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3. Whole-of-Life Assurance for a Guaranteed Payout

This policy is guaranteed to pay out at whatever age you die provided the premiums continue to be paid. You will have to disclose any health problems and could require a GP report or medical. Unlike advertised 'over 50’s' policies, you can insure yourself for any amount. More info

Whole-of-Life Assurance policies are linked to investments and are primarily used as a tax-efficient way of passing wealth on to future generations through a trust which helps reduce inheritance tax.

The investment element means they are more complex than the other two life insurance options available for Over 50s, and as such it is best to seek advice from an independent financial adviser rather than an insurance adviser.

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Great communication, help and guidance.

All my questions were answered, as I know little on how life cover, critical illness and terminal insurance policies work.

I was given good independent advise, so I could confidently make my choice on what was right for me.

- Denise

Clear, friendly, efficient and prompt service.

No nonsense, no jargon, just clear and informative guidance. Very quick with results which did not disappoint. Delighted with my deal which was a third cheaper than my own bank offered me and I didn’t do any of the legwork. More than happy to recommend.

- Ms Shannon

I found the customer service representative very polite and informative and helpful.

I wished some information on life insurance for a mortgage I have applied for.

All in all the process was very useful and informative and the representative was very helpful and polite. I would recommend this online service to anyone who is looking for life cover.

- Mrs Severn

Very good professional service.

I was impressed by the quality of service by the advisor who dealt with my request. He has carefully listened to my requirements, asked a few relevant questions and has provided me with the option which suited my needs in the best possible way. I have really admired his flexible approach and fantastic customer skills.

- Mrs Cookson

Professional and no-nonsense approach.

Very thorough yet friendly service. Good contact and information one can understand.

- Heather Cronley

A professional customer centric company with the client at the heart of the transaction.

The advisor put me at the heart of the transaction, was professional, gave realistic opinions and suggestions offering me choices in clear terms which I understood.

- Andrew Hughes

Outstanding service and knowledgeable customer service rep.

I received a call as promised in my email. Marie Bedding was very knowledgeable in her subject matter, she took some basic details and was very polite and courteous in her manner.

Marie was very sensitive when discussing personal circumstances and listened carefully and showed compassion to my details. Marie then said ‘leave it with me and ill get back to you’, within 20 minutes Marie was back on the phone with the quotes as promised and gave me a selection of options to chose from.

Marie did not pressure me with the ‘Hard Sell’, I needed time to discuss the options with my partner, Marie kindly emailed me all the details and left it in my hands to contact her once I had made a decision and if I would like to go ahead with the policy.

I cannot fault this service and the professionalism I received.

- N Marsden

Excellent Service.

Great service, easy to understand terminology. Everything explained and documented by adviser. Thank you.

- Glenda

About Over 50s

What is Over 50s Life Insurance?

Over 50s Life insurance is a special type of life insurance with guaranteed acceptance for those aged 50 and above and it pays out a limited lump-sum amount to your loved ones if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness during the term of your contract.

As it offers guaranteed acceptance with no medical required, its monthly premiums are much higher than standard term life policies for the same amount of cover, which is often limited to £25,000.

What are the main features of an Over-50s Life Insurance policy?

  • Guaranteed Acceptance
    Whatever your state of health or financial status, most insurers will accept you with a few questions and no tests
  • Fixed pay-outs
    Most policies limit the maximum payment to £25,000 and will only pay back the value of the monthly premiums if you die within 2 years of taking out the policy
  • Fixed premiums
    Most policies offer fixed premiums for the duration of the policy, with payments or around £10 to £50 per month
  • Free Cover
    Some insurers will offer free cover beyond the age of 90 meaning you no longer have to make monthly payments but you will still be covered

I’m over 50, which life product should I chose?

Most qualified advisers would recommend a standard term life insurance product first and foremost as most people are looking to protect existing debts like a mortgage, which is likely to be in excess of the maximum £25,000 offered by most Over 50s policies.

Obviously, the older you get, outstanding mortgages are reduced and possibly paid off and children leave home, so the need for a life insurance policy reduces.

Where Over 50s Life Insurance policies become attractive are for those with serious health conditions who cannot get cover for a standard term life policy, even if the maximum £25,000 might be lower than preferable.

For those in good health, though, the amount paid in monthly premiums over the years could exceed the maximum pay-out when they die.

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Top Tip for Over 50s Life Insurance

Despite its name, over 50s life insurance is better suited to those with serious health conditions who cannot qualify for a standard term life policy. For those in good health and in their 50s and 60s, a term life insurance policy will offer better levels of protection, even if the process takes a little longer.

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