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Since 2006 we have helped 1000s of businesses compare Protection Insurance quotes. Five Stars Excellent (4.9) We would love to do the same for you...

What type of Employee Protection Benefits are you looking for?

  1. Group Private Health Insurance

    This type of policy is designed to ensure employees can seek expert medical attention promptly, namely faster than the NHS, so that they can return to work as soon as reasonably possible. It acts as attractive benefit for potential new employees and a retention device for existing employees.

    Private health insurance for UK businesses offers several features and benefits that can be advantageous for both employers and employees. Here are some key features and benefits of private health insurance for UK businesses:

    • Prompt Access to Healthcare: One of the primary advantages of private health insurance is the ability to access medical services promptly. Private health insurance typically provides faster access to consultations, diagnostic tests, treatments, and surgeries, helping employees receive medical attention quickly and reducing waiting times compared to the NHS.
    • Choice of Specialists and Hospitals: Private health insurance allows employees to choose from a wide network of specialists, consultants, and hospitals. This gives individuals more control over their healthcare decisions and the freedom to select healthcare providers based on personal preferences, reputation, and expertise.
    • Comprehensive Coverage: Private health insurance plans in the UK often offer extensive coverage, including consultations, diagnostic tests, hospital stays, surgeries, cancer treatments, mental health services, physiotherapy, and alternative therapies. Some plans may also cover dental and optical treatments as optional extras.
    • Employee Well-being and Morale: Offering private health insurance as an employee benefit demonstrates a commitment to the well-being and health of employees. It can boost morale, job satisfaction, and overall employee retention rates. Access to private healthcare services can also reduce absenteeism and help employees get back to work more quickly after illness or injury.
    • Reduced Waiting Times: In the UK's National Health Service (NHS), waiting times for certain procedures can be long. Private health insurance enables employees to bypass these waiting lists and receive treatment promptly, which can be especially valuable for non-urgent but necessary procedures that may cause discomfort or affect an individual's quality of life.
    • Access to Experimental Treatments: Private health insurance can sometimes provide access to new or experimental treatments and medications that may not be available through the NHS. This can be particularly important for individuals with complex or rare medical conditions who may benefit from innovative therapies.
    • Additional Services and Support: Many private health insurance providers offer additional services such as 24/7 helplines, nurse advice lines, mental health support, and health and wellness programs. These services can help employees manage their health proactively and provide guidance and support when needed.
    • Flexibility and Customization: Private health insurance plans can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business and its employees. Employers can choose different levels of coverage, add optional extras, and often adjust the policy to suit their budget and requirements.

    It's important for businesses to carefully consider the features, costs, coverage limits, exclusions, and network providers when selecting a private health insurance plan to ensure it aligns with their needs and the needs of their employees.

  2. Group Income Protection

    This type of policy provides financial protection in the form of income replacement for employees who are unable to work due to injury, short or long-term sickness or disability up to the age of retirement. As such it can represent a significant employee benefit to help recruit and retain employees.


    • Income Replacement: GIP insurance provides a percentage of an employee's salary as a replacement income if they are unable to work due to a long-term illness or disability. This benefit is typically paid after a pre-defined waiting period, known as the deferred period.
    • Long-Term Coverage: GIP insurance typically covers an employee until retirement age or until they are fit to return to work, depending on the terms of the policy.
    • Rehabilitation Support: Many GIP policies include rehabilitation services to help employees recover and return to work as soon as it is medically possible. This can include access to medical professionals, vocational training, and other support services.
    • Flexible Benefit Options: Employers can often customize GIP insurance to suit their specific needs. They can choose the level of coverage, the waiting period before benefits are paid, and the length of time benefits will be provided.
    • Employee Assistance Programs: Some GIP policies include Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), which provide confidential counseling and support services to employees and their families for various personal and work-related issues.


    • Financial Security: GIP insurance provides employees with a reliable source of income when they are unable to work due to illness or disability. This helps them maintain their financial stability and meet their financial obligations.
    • Attract and Retain Talent: Offering GIP insurance as part of the employee benefits package can make a business more attractive to potential employees. It demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and provides a valuable safety net.
    • Reduce Absenteeism: GIP insurance can help reduce long-term absenteeism by providing employees with the support they need to recover and return to work. The rehabilitation services and support offered by GIP policies can facilitate a quicker return to work.
    • Employer Reputation: Providing GIP insurance shows that a business cares about its employees' welfare, which can enhance the company's reputation as an employer of choice.
    • Tax Benefits: In the UK, premiums paid for GIP insurance are generally tax-deductible for businesses, which can provide financial advantages.

    It's important to note that the specific features and benefits of GIP insurance can vary depending on the insurance provider and policy terms. Businesses should carefully review policy details, coverage limits, exclusions, and waiting periods before selecting a GIP insurance plan. Consulting with an insurance professional or broker can help businesses find the most suitable coverage for their employees' needs.

  3. Group Life Insurance

    This type of policy (also known as death in service benefit) provides cover for all employees across a business in the event of the death of one or more employees, whether working in the business or at any other time. It is particularly advantageous to employees who might struggle to gain life insurance on a personal basis as the underwriting is based on the number and age profile of the employees, not their lifestyle or medical history.


    • Coverage for Employees: Group life insurance provides a lump sum payment to the designated beneficiaries of an employee in the event of their death during the coverage period. The coverage amount is typically based on a multiple of the employee's salary or a fixed amount chosen by the employer.
    • Group Coverage: Group life insurance covers a group of employees under a single policy, making it a cost-effective option for businesses. It simplifies the administration process as employees are enrolled automatically without the need for individual underwriting.
    • Flexible Coverage Options: Employers can choose different coverage levels based on their budget and the needs of their workforce. They can select a flat benefit amount or a multiple of the employee's salary.
    • Optional Add-ons: Some group life insurance policies offer additional options, such as spouse or partner coverage, which provides a benefit to the employee's significant other in the event of their death.


    • Financial Protection for Employees' Families: Group life insurance ensures that employees' families receive a financial safety net in the event of the employee's death. The lump sum payment can help cover funeral expenses, mortgage or rent payments, outstanding debts, and ongoing living expenses.
    • Employee Retention and Recruitment: Offering group life insurance as an employee benefit can enhance the overall benefits package, making the company more attractive to current and potential employees. It demonstrates the employer's commitment to the well-being of their workforce.
    • Peace of Mind: Group life insurance provides peace of mind to employees, knowing that their loved ones will be financially protected if they pass away. This can contribute to a positive work environment and employee satisfaction.
    • Tax Efficiency: In the UK, group life insurance policies are usually tax-efficient. The premiums paid by the employer are generally tax-deductible as a business expense, and the benefits received by employees' beneficiaries are usually tax-free, subject to certain conditions.
    • Supportive Bereavement Services: Some group life insurance policies provide additional support services for employees and their families, such as bereavement counseling or access to helplines for emotional support during difficult times.

    It's important for businesses to carefully consider their specific needs, consult with insurance providers, and review policy terms and conditions to select the most suitable group life insurance coverage for their employees.

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We have tracked down the very best protection insurance advisers in the UK to ensure you have access to best advice and the best products from the leading insurers.

Instead of pushy sales people, our advisers offer a more personalised service to guide you through the process and ensure you enjoy lasting peace of mind by making an informed choice.

Personal Service

We have tracked down the very best protection insurance advisers in the UK to ensure you have access to best advice and the best products from the leading insurers.

Instead of pushy sales people, our advisers offer a more personalised service to guide you through the process and ensure you enjoy lasting peace of mind by making an informed choice.

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